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Our products

High quality insurance data from 95% of the Swedish and Norweigan insurance market through one single API. So you can provide insightful and engaging insurance services to your customers. Some of our solutions:

  • Optimised onboarding of new customers by letting them compare current insurance with your offering, resulting in higher conversions
  • Improve customer experience by offering customers to collect all their insurance policies to one place, giving a 360 view of your customers
  • Increase offline sales through our in- and outbound sales solution, where both customers and sales staff can obtain insurance information in real time, resulting in increased advisory capability

Insurance Data Aggregation

Insurance Checkout

With our checkout, we enable apps and websites to sell relevant insurance products with minimal effort. No more complex discussions with insurance companies and never-ending integrations. With us you can focus on what you do best - creating the best digital service for your customers.

  • Speed up the development and get started in no time with our ready-to-implement insurance checkout module using only a few lines of code.
  • Earn recurring revenue through our concept of monthly profit-sharing and instead focus on adding value to your customers through a seamless insurance experience.
  • Avoid legal nightmares. We take full responsibility for the insurance distribution through our modules.
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